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Published on 26th April 2020

♫ ♪♪ ♥

The joy of music is…

The power it has to transport you back to a moment from long ago,

suddenly and vividly. 

The way music can ground you, awaken you and ease you into the

present moment.

Really listening to the lyrics of a song for the first time and appreciating

it in a whole new way.

Lyrics going over your head because the background noise is all you need.

Hearing a lyric, crying and questioning where that emotion 

came from.

When the sun’s shining, a song plays and it’s the perfect soundtrack to your

good mood.

Playing a song on repeat because it has the ability to strengthen a
memory that you really want to cling on to.

The dull ache of sadness that comes when a song reminds you of a moment you miss.


The beauty of how a song can remind you of a person you love, and their smile of surprise when you tell them so.

A song reminding you of someone you’ve long lost touch with, and how strange it is that they won’t ever know it.


Great music only getting better, the older it is. An audio time-capsule.

Even the really bad music being a guilty pleasure.

The way so many lyrics stay with you for your whole life, leading you to wonder just how many songs your brain is able to store.

The lyrics you can’t make sense of, so you mumble your way through and hope nobody notices.


The bittersweet sorrow of hearing songs from your younger days and that they're always so much older than you'd guess them to be.

The unique buzz of excitement that comes only in the presence of live music.


Discovering a new artist and feeling like they’re your little secret.

The moment you begin to enjoy that artist that everyone’s listening to. Pretty catchy after all.


That much needed anti-social act of drowning out the world,

headphones in your ears.

Belting out retro tunes at top volume with your friends.


The smugness that comes with knowing a song on a soundtrack or a quiz.

The realisation that there’s so much music you don’t yet know, all yet to be discovered.


Listening to someone’s favourite song and feeling like you’re 

glimpsing directly into their soul.

Disliking someone’s choice of music, but it not mattering at all.


Relating to the raw emotion behind beautifully poetic lyrics.

Mindlessly singing along to lyrics that are pure gobbledegook.


That mini shiver you get when you hear a song you really love.

In that moment, it feels like it belongs to you and only you.

♫ ♪♪ ♥